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  • The difference between the latest computer quilting machine and the traditional quilting machine
  • The difference between the latest computer quilting machine and the traditional quilting machine

    Date:2012-07-13 Hits:1222

    Hengchang Quilting Machinery Factory continue to invest in research and development of human and material resources, and achieved good results, the new single-needle quilting machine to the highest level in the industry, with the daily life for quilted products increased demand, the traditional quilting business In the gradual transformation into a new quilted business. The emergence of computer quilting machine, replacing the traditional manual
    The new computer quilting machine and traditional quilting machine function difference mainly lies in:

    (1): integrated tilt-style body design, the overall appearance of generous, easy to operate, perfect quilting patterns; quilted thickness of different fabrics, the overall pressure plate can be moved, easy to operate;

    (2): The first and the first infrared cutout device in China, which has no contact and reliable performance. It uses pneumatic loose thread trimming technology when the first quilted independent pattern in China. The latest design is enhanced double arm movement mechanism, Needless to refuel, fast speed, small vibration;

    (3): The latest design of pneumatic agencies, easy to install, fast, smooth;

    (4): Perfect safety protection device, a new generation of control system, reliable performance, easy operation, high precision quilting;

    (5): a powerful combination of patterns (covering 360 degrees, 180 degrees pattern), can store more than 2000 patterns, CAD drawing methods can be enlarged, reduced, any modification, convenient and quick, computer pattern automatic compensation.

    (6): running status detection and prompts, the operation of the machine at a glance;

    The new quilting machine with computer control technology, more intelligent and process, increasing its operational efficiency and reduce labor costs.