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  • Computer quilting machine which is better? High-quality quilting machine prices
  • Computer quilting machine which is better? High-quality quilting machine prices

    Date:2013-03-19 Hits:223

    Computer quilting machine which is better? High-quality quilting machine prices
    Computer quilting machine, as a set of automatic control, high-capacity storage technology as one of the emerging machines, mattresses, fabrics, bedspreads and other products processing has a very wide range of applications, many textile companies in the search for reasonable prices, High-quality quilting machine. The current quilting machine prices vary widely, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of have, computer quilting machine than ordinary quilting machine 2-3 times more expensive, mainly functional and convenient operation, high quilting precision , Enterprises in the purchase according to their needs to choose their own business needs quilting machine.
    Computer quilting machine which is better? Reporter learned in the National Machinery Technology Association, China's first computer Hangfeng machine manufacturer in Dongguan Hengchang in the industry's reputation and sales are very good.
    Hengchang Quilting Machinery Co., Ltd. of Dongguan is a professional engaged in quilting machines, computerized quilting machines and other textile industry automation equipment manufacturer. Located in the world manufacturing city - Dongguan, convenient transportation and beautiful environment. The factory produced "Heng" brand series of computer quilting machines, mattresses machinery and related products to be Mianjian Mianjian products, the provincial quality measurement trust units, the provincial famous enterprises.
    The latest development of the company computer Hang Fengji: integrated tilt-type body design, the overall appearance of generous, easy to operate, perfect quilted pattern. The new generation of control system, reliable performance, easy operation, high quilting precision; the first domestic quilted independent pattern using pneumatic loose thread trimming technology, the latest design enhanced dual arm movement, durable, no fuel, fast speed , Small vibration; quilted thickness of different fabrics, the overall plate can be raised and lowered, easy to operate; CAD drawing methods can zoom in, zoom out, any changes, convenient and quick. Powerful combination of patterns (covering 360 degrees, 180 degrees pattern), can store more than 3,000 patterns running state detection and prompts, the machine running at a glance; computer pattern automatic compensation.
    The company has been established more than 10 years of business process, for the needs of different cities across the country to customers and foreign customers with a wide range of Hang Fengji, computer Hang Fengji. The company will by virtue of a good business reputation, excellent product quality, perfect technical support and excellent after-sales service, so Hengchang machinery industry model.

    We sincerely welcome friends from various circles visit the guide, sincere cooperation! High-quality quilting machine, the Hangchang computer quilting machine of choice.
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