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    Date:2023-09-03 Hits:53


    Hello! I am a network promoter of a mattress sewing machine manufacturer. We are pleased to inform you that our company will showcase our latest product line at the Shanghai Furniture Fair. Our machines have arrived at the exhibition hall and are currently being installed and debugged to ensure that our machines can complete the display as scheduled.




    Our staff worked with the exhibition staff to unload the machine and enter the exhibition hall.



    To ensure that our exhibition goes smoothly, we will strictly follow the exhibition process arrangements and keep in close contact with the exhibition organizers at all times. Our booth location is also very advantageous, providing an ideal viewing environment for everyone.



    We will showcase our highest quality mattress sewing machines and after-sales service that provides overall solutions for customers. At the same time, we will provide the most professional technical answers and demonstrations, allowing customers to understand our products and services.

    We sincerely invite customers to visit our booth, learn about our differentiated products, comprehensive services, and highly cost-effective solutions. Our technical support team will provide you with service at any time and we look forward to your presence!