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  • Hengchang Quilting Machine wonderful presentation 2012 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition
  • Hengchang Quilting Machine wonderful presentation 2012 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition

    Date:2012-07-07 Hits:292

    From June 12 to June 16, 2012, China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. A total of 1,283 textile machinery manufacturing enterprises or related enterprises from 28 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. Almost all the famous textile machinery companies in the world gathered here to showcase their latest technologies, processes and equipment. Hengchang machinery to carry out independent research and development, production HC2500 quilting machine, HC-S-1 high-speed computer single-needle quilting machine, mattress machinery and independent software control drive brilliant debut this exhibition.

    Servo motor in the textile industry is mainly used in speed, high precision position control and tension control occasions, at this stage of the new textile machinery for fastness, precision position control or constant tension control have higher requirements, which makes the servo drive technology Get more and more attention and application. In order to meet the requirements of this industry, our company has specially developed the servo software products that adapt to the textile machinery. This product has been widely praised and widely used in the function, precision and stability. The textile industry to which this product is applied mainly A fully automatic computerized flat knitting machine, quilting machine, glove machine, hosiery machine, embroidery machine, knotting machine, twisting seam, pattern machine, underwear machine and other industries have been widely used.

    With the application of servo products increased, and will gradually become one of the main transmission mode of textile machinery. For the need to frequently change speed, strict tension control and control of complex movements need to use mechanical design considerations, Hengchang machinery as the first domestic production of high-speed computer quilting machine manufacturers, always adhere to the "innovative, efficient, Win-win "business philosophy to reduce the cost of imports to meet the needs of individual industries. With Hengchang machinery in the industry and the accumulation of experience and experience, will also provide customers with more cost-effective products and solutions.
    At present, the main products are quilting machines, pleat cotton, computer shuttleless multi-needle quilting machine, computer multi-needle quilting machine, computer automatic cutting machine and a series of computer quilting machine equipment. I plant production of computer quilting machine for bedding, mattresses, textiles and clothing, furniture and other industries. We have more than 10 years of production experience, from mechanical design and manufacturing to software development has maintained the leading position in the same industry, Hengchang card quilting machine has received a number of national patent office practical patents.