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  • Hengchang Hang Fengji agent to participate in the 2013 Indonesia International Textile Machinery and Accessories Fair
  • Hengchang Hang Fengji agent to participate in the 2013 Indonesia International Textile Machinery and Accessories Fair

    Date:2013-10-28 Hits:2305

    2013 Indonesia Jakarta International Textile Machinery and Accessories Fair
    Exhibition time: October 24-26
    Duration: 10 am - 6 pm
    Venue: Jakarta International Convention and Exhibition Center
    Organizer: CEMS Exhibition Group

    Supporters: Ministry of Trade of Indonesia, Ministry of Industry, Indonesia Association of Exhibition Organizations, Textile Alliance of Indonesia, Indonesia Garment Alliance and others.

    Exhibition Content: Textile Machinery, Accessories and Fabrics: Textile Machinery, Garment Machinery, Knitting Machinery, Embroidery Machinery, Loom, Spinning Machinery, Printing Machinery, Yarn Processing Machine, Knitting Machinery and Accessories, Garment Processing Equipment and Accessories Testing equipment, textile machinery and dyes, auxiliary equipment, accessories and spare parts; washing machines, ironing and steaming equipment, testing equipment, control equipment, textile chemicals and dyestuffs; Garment Machinery & Accessories: Automation Systems, Machinery, Accessories, CAD / CAM / CIM Systems, Computer Testing Systems, Boiler Chemicals & Dyestuffs, Cutting Machinery, Sharpening Machines, Embroidery Machines & Embroidery Threads, Sewing Machinery, Bonders, Codes Cloth machines, finishing equipment, fixed equipment, clothing accessories, hooks, buttons, buckles, rivets and firmware, lining, ironing equipment, knitwear equipment and machinery, labeling machine, , Quilting Machines, Sealing Machines, Industrial / Household Sewing Machines, Sewing Accessories and Spare Parts, Drive and Control Systems, Sewing Threads, Textile Fabrics, Leather, Leather and Synthetic Materials Coater, winders, Winder, warehousing, logistics equipment, unit production system. Scope of Exhibits: All kinds of cotton, synthetic fabrics (woven / knitted), natural fiber fabrics (woven / knitted), yarn and fibers, fancy finishing, home textiles, bags, quilt cover, blankets, accessories, CAD / CAM; bed linen, tablecloths, Zhuang Shibu, kitchen textiles, upholstery, wall decoration; fiber, monofilament and raw materials; accessories: tapes, buttons, needlework, embroidery, artificial diamond accessories, ribbons, badges, buttons Buckle, rubber trim, buttons, zipper, shoulder pads and more.

    2013 Indonesia International Textile Machinery and Accessories Fair will focus on the development of production managers, professionals, institutions, business managers / managers in all textile sectors in Indonesia from developers, contractors, top management, consultants, engineers, chief executive and operations, Managers, purchasing managers, manufacturers, exporters, importers and distributors of industries, trading companies, import and export houses, government agencies, trade delegations, associations. Market introduction
    Indonesia is one of the top five countries to be exported to the United States with more than $ 9 billion in apparel exports and an annual growth rate of over 13%. Indonesia's Asia Pacific Fiber executives said many foreign textile and garment manufacturers will enter Indonesia, and many European orders have begun to move to their home countries. They think the industry will continue to grow and the textile industry is stronger than anyone ever imagined. Global textile manufacturers are turning to Indonesia to order yarn and rayon fibers. At the same time, the international textile and garment manufacturers are starting to target Indonesia as their manufacturing base. From China's fabric exports, China's fabric exports to developing countries, especially the textile industry is striving to develop relatively scarce raw materials market grew rapidly, in 2008 exports to Indonesia 758 million US dollars, an increase of 12.24%.
    Why choose Indonesia textile market?
    1. Indonesia's textile and garment industry status quo: Indonesia is one of the top five countries exported to the United States clothing exports over 9 billion US dollars, an annual growth rate of over 13%. Textile and garment industry has been Indonesia's largest industry.
    2. In addition to the domestic market, Indonesian textiles have certain markets in the Middle East, Africa and the United States. Indonesia's textile, apparel and accessories industry is experiencing an unprecedented rapid development. This rapid growth has surpassed the demand of Indonesia. It has become Indonesia's largest emerging industrial unit that can save foreign exchange.
    3. The textile industry is an important industry in Indonesia, with 12% of Indonesia's 94 million employed population concentrated in manufacturing (about 11.3 million) while the textile industry employed 15% of manufacturing (about 1.75 million , Excluding the 2 million indirectly employed), the textile industry has earned more than $ 5 billion annually for Indonesia over the past 10 years. Indonesian Ministry of Industry statistics, Indonesia's textile exports in 2008 amounted to 11 billion US dollars in 2009 reached 11.8 billion US dollars in 2010, Indonesia's textile exports up to 13.88 billion US dollars can earn a surplus of 11.7 billion US dollars and look forward to 2010 Add 2.25 million jobs and add 617 million jobs in 2030.