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  • Mattress infestation

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    [Mattress bugs] Mattress bugs causes how to do mattress bugs How to deal with mattress bugs

    Cause of mattress infestation

    1. Bedroom environment

    The bedroom environment is where the human body spends the most time of the day, so bedroom hygiene is relatively more important. Mites are the longest to see the owner, mites to the naked eye

    Invisible, parasitic on the mattress surface, living through human dander, reproduction ability is strong, easy to cause human respiratory tract infection. Keep the bedroom mattress sanitary to reduce the breeding of mites


    Secondly, the bedroom is relatively private, making the mattress in a relatively dark environment for a long time. The bedroom is not often ventilated, in the appropriate temperature and humidity, easy

    Make the mattress damp, cattle all kinds of bacteria and mildew, and then cattle neutrons or body lice, affecting the health of human sleep.

    2. Mattress material

    Mattress material will become a breeding ground for bugs, so the most easy to breed bugs is the mattress made of plant fiber, coconut mattress, small brown mattress, hemp brown bed hot, etc

    The second is poor quality caulk.

    3. Inferior filling

    Poor quality padding refers to the padding inside the mattress in addition to the spring pad core. These include sponges, memory cotton and mattress fabric. Sponges and memory cotton are industrially harvested

    Made of chemical materials, sponge has soft texture and strong resilience. It is the most suitable material for mattress filling. However, this material has low air permeability and is easy to absorb moisture

    The moisture further promotes the occurrence of mold and bacteria inside the mattress, and the poor quality memory cotton material acts as the filling material, the same reason.

    How to deal with mattress bugs

    1. Mites: Against mites, which are tiny creatures invisible to the naked eye, the most direct way is to keep the mattress sanitary.

    (1) Regularly change the articles on the bed that are most closely in contact with the human body, such as sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases.

    (2) Clean all corners of the house regularly, especially the dusty corners.

    (3) Avoid eating in the bedroom so that food scraps can enter the mattress and become a food source for bugs.

    (4) Pay attention to personal hygiene, frequently change clothes

    2, body lice: body lice can also cause human skin allergy, body lice initially parasitic in the seam and then to the skin, to suck human blood for a living. When this happens, it should

    Take measures:

    (1) Immediately change the bedsheet and quilt cover in direct contact with the human body in the bedroom and their personal clothing

    (2) If the skin is red, swollen and itchy, it can be disinfected with alcohol. In severe cases, go to the hospital

    (3) Buy disinfection potion to the room for overall elimination

    3. Reptiles: Reptiles mainly refer to the organisms that live inside the mattress. These bugs are mainly fed by the nutrients inside the mattress. But it also takes a huge toll on the human body

    In this case, measures should be taken:

    (1) Open the mattress cover and check whether the bugs come from the inner bladder.

    (2) Check other wooden furniture, whether there are insects, so as to rule out the source of mattress bugs.

    (3) Bugs do exist inside the mattress. Insecticide can be used to spray the inside of the mattress, and then the mattress can be carried out to sunlight. Try to open the window for ventilation and keep the indoor ventilation dry


    (4) The mattress has mildew phenomenon, you can use a wet towel dipped in vinegar to wipe the mattress, the removal of mold effect is good. It can also inhibit bacteria and reptilian AIDS to a certain extent

    Was born.

    (5) The above methods are not possible, or the insecticide is not thorough, it is suggested to discuss with the seller to return the mattress, replace the mattress.