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  • Celebrate National Day
  • Celebrate National Day

    Date:2022-09-28 Hits:356

    On this day of national celebration
    How are you all going to spend it?
    What about this 7 day holiday?
    is home to visit relatives
    or rest at home
    Or take a trip

    At the moment of the epidemic, let's take a tour around!

    01.Wild Animal Park


    02. Songshan Lake Scenic Area

    Super-large and super-beautiful, the peaks surround the vast smoke and waves
    The lake is about 8 square kilometers, and the scenery along the way is beautiful
    Suitable for family play

    Open all day

    Tickets are free

    03. Opium War Museum

    The "King of Popularity" in Dongguan Museum Industry
    You need to make an appointment first, you can make an appointment on the day
    Opening hours: 08:30-17:30 all year round
    Tickets 40 yuan / piece

    In addition to fun, of course, there are delicious food waiting for you!

    01. Wynn Hotel
    You must order the roast goose noodles, the roast goose meat is tender and crispy, the noodles are tough, and the soup tastes great. 24 yuan per capita

    02. Bright wanton noodles

    The signature wonton noodles are made of raw noodles, with a smooth taste and thin wontons.