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  • Computer quilting machine system solutions
  • Computer quilting machine system solutions

    Date:2012-05-18 Hits:413

    [System Overview]
    Computer quilting machine, as a set of automatic control, high-capacity storage technology as one of the emerging machines, mattresses, fabrics, bedspreads and other products processing has a very wide range of applications. The current quilting machine is divided into computer shuttleless multi-needle quilting machine, shuttle computer multi-needle quilting machine, computer high-speed bobbin winding machine and other specifications of various types. Compared with the traditional mechanical quilting machine broke through its simple pattern can only tie semi-coordinates pattern. It is a powerful computer control system that can accurately handle the entire coordinate system of the preparation of a variety of complex patterns, including a variety of independent patterns and in production speed, mechanical properties, noise pollution and other indicators, are the machinery of the past The machine can not match.

    [System Principle]
    Computerized quilting machine is the main control equipment industrial computer, with the sports card, stepper / servo motor, inverter, the entire machine can be high-speed, accurate and stable operation plays an important role. Multi-axis motion control card is based on the PC bus, a high-performance, low-cost stepper / servo motor motion control card that includes pulse output, pulse counting, digital input, digital output and other functions, can issue continuous high-frequency Of the pulse train, by changing the frequency of the pulse sent to control the motor speed, change the number of pulses sent to control the motor position. Pulse counting can be used for encoder position feedback, providing the machine's exact position and correcting errors in the transmission. In view of the fact that the whole machine is operated for a long time without stopping and the dust on the site is rather harsh, EVOC brand industrial PC IPC-586VDNH (GX) is adopted as the core of the whole control system to control the movement card and frequency converter Role, in order to ensure a long time stable operation of the entire system.

    [System Configuration]
    Operating System: DOS, Linux & Wince
    Hardware equipment: EVOC half-length board HSC-1611CLDNA
    IPC-6806 chassis
    IPC-6106P3 backplane
    PS-160 power supply
    Other: more than two motion control card, inverter

    [system assesment]
    Computerized quilting machine solution The use of industrial-grade computer quilting machine for data processing and transmission, greatly improving the traditional traditional dedicated inverter mechanical work, but also has a strong fault-tolerant function, with over-current, overheating , And other multiple protection and self-test function, a better solution to the saddle control, roller control and spindle control quilting, quilted production process to achieve the automation.