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  • Computer quilting machine features and benefits
  • Computer quilting machine features and benefits

    Date:2012-05-18 Hits:454

    Computer quilting machine features and benefits:
    (1) Thinness adjustment function: to adjust the different thickness, you can follow the instructions to adjust the depth of quilting.
    (2) Pattern storage: computer quilting machine disk can store patterns long-term, users can choose to use according to the need to add patterns. Its operation is simple, convenient and fast.
    (3) set the line step function: reliability, line step uniform, pattern is not easy to deformation.
    (4) Rotary hook function: can effectively prevent disconnection.
    (5) disconnection detection: when disconnected, the system automatically stops.
    (6) Land usage: Computerized quilting machine occupies a small area, but the quilted size is large.
    (7) Information display: You can see the display on the spindle speed, parking factors, production statistics, the remaining memory and so on.
    (8) safety device: computer, motor, machine and other anomalies will automatically shut down, the screen appears fault.
    (9) Stitching function: After the quilting function is turned on, the quilting machine automatically finishes the needle back and forth at a specific point.
    (10) power-off memory function: During the power failure or power failure during work, or when there is a problem with the quilting machine (needle or wire), when the machine needs to stop, the computer quilting machine can automatically and rapidly move along the pattern-type exercise route Route fast forward or rewind. And when you need to continue quilting, you can automatically or manually back to quilting point when the stop, continue quilting.
    (11) Pattern Function: Pattern from 50% -200% horizontal, vertical unilateral expansion or contraction, and the unit automatically repaired with 1%, the operation process, due to broken or no bottom line caused by leakage, can be used automatically or manually The specified needle is returned in the stitch direction for back-up.
    (12) Hengchang machine: Hengchang computer quilting machine "high efficiency, easy operation, stable performance," the reputation of the industry reputation. Products are exported to Asia, America, Africa, Europe, Oceania and other regions