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  • HC-QG-E computer automatic cutting machine
  • HC-QG-E computer automatic cutting machine

    Encoder data transmission system to support cutting of any length and a variety of cutting specifications



    Functional Advantages

    1, and supporting the use of quilting machine can also be used alone;
    2, according to customer requirements automatically cut, pieces, cuttings, cut edge and roll cloth;
    3, Through the touch screen to set the parameters and PLC control, simple operation, easy maintenance;
    4, encoder data transmission system to support any length cutting and cutting a variety of specifications;
    5, infrared control, safe operation, high cutting precision;
    6, full-featured pneumatic system, pneumatic sharpening, pneumatic pressure material, pulling material device;
    7, reliable cutting edge feeding device, feeding belt material system;
    8, table automatically retractable body, precision length and width adjustable device;
    9, stable work, small vibration, low noise, high efficiency;
    10, the most advanced model design, industry-leading level.

    Function Parameter

    Frame size  (L×W×H) 3750×2500×2100mm
    Weight 1500kg
    Length of board 2000mm
    Thickness 3-80 mm
    Width 100-2500 mm
    Speed 7000 mm/min
    Power 3KW
    Power supply 380V/50Hz, 220V /60Hz
    Air pressure 0.4-0.8 Mpa

    Grouped Equipment

    High-precision decoder Frequency converter control cloth device Computer control pneumatic sharpening Pneumatic table device

    Application Range

    Quilted senior mattress fabrics, bedding, home decoration a variety of tricks.

    Manufacturing Capacity

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